Internet Marketing Blog – 2 More Essentials to a Successful Blog

Is your internet marketing blog performing the way that you expected it to? If not then perhaps you are missing two of the essentials to a successful internet marketing blog.

1.) Make your blog easy to navigate

Have you ever visited on of the clearance sale type of department stores? You know stores like Big Lots, Odd Lots, or any of a number of others. How easy is it to find exactly what you are looking for? Most of these stores are disorganized and products are just shoved in the first available space. Is your blog like that?

If visitors cannot find what they are looking for then they will leave. It is that simple.

Keep your internet marketing blog neat and tidy with every link where it belongs and easily found and your visitors will be quite happy. Happy visitors are more likely to spend money.

2.) A Contact Link

When determining what content that you should put on your internet marketing blog you should listen to your readers. If you let them, your readers will tell you exactly what they want to read about. In doing this they are also telling you what they would be willing to buy.

Put a contact link on your blog. This can be as simple as your email address or as elaborate as a custom contact form where you readers can fill in the blanks. Your readers can be your biggest resource when creating products to sell or content to post. Make it easy for them to reach you.

When customers contact you with questions you should answer them via return email but then use the subject of the question as content. Chances are that if one of your readers has a question that there are more who would like to know the answer but did not contact you.

Ease of navigation will go a very long way in converting visitors to subscribers. The easier it is to find information the more your visitors will like it. Providing a contact link can give you the ability to “read the mind” of your viewers. No it is not magic. Your viewers will tell you what they want by using your contact form.

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